“Where should I go?" -Alice

"That depends on where you want to end up." - The Cheshire Cat 

(L. Carroll)



If I have need of a label, I am an intuitive guide and nurturer. Passion, purpose, dreams, and self are all concepts I am ready and willing to explore with you. I will help you find your divine direction, commit to your Spirit, and transform yourself. I can share insight on ways to make all this possible through mediums such as tarot cards, oracle cards, stone oracles, and the elder furthark (runes).  I also share the lessons I have gleaned through life, classes, books, relationships, and friendships (including those with my spirit guides, guardian angels, and friendly fair folk). I have just finished a Spiritual Guidance and Mentor-ship Training certificate at Atlantic University in July of 2019. I am already certified in Reiki I and Intuitive Tarot Reading. All that being said, I would like for us all to take ourselves lovingly and with a dash of humor, and to leave our imaginary limitations behind while we set forth to explore the rabbit-hole!

Psychic services are for entertainment purposes only



“Finding meaning, like losing meaning, involves pleasure as well as pain. But then losing meaning, like finding it, does too, as the best nonsense reminds us.” (L. Carroll)

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